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  • May I obtain the advice(councils) free of charge on a product before the purchase?

Yes you can contact us by telephone to 237 33 40 08 65 or by e-mail at the address

  • Who guaranteed the reliability of your advice(councils)?


  • Have you a paper catalog of the various products that you market ?

No we have no paper catalog containing all the products which we market, nevertheless it is possible to you to download the index card(form) of a product from our on-line catalog.

  • The plaques of products are available under which file format?

The plaques of product are available on the size(format) PDF only.


  • Can - one buy on-line on

No, it is not still possible to buy on-line on however you can place on-line orders which we shall quickly handle in points of sale please the closest to your locality.

  • Who can buy in the points of sale approved by POLYPHARMA?

Available articles on are all blow in points of sale there please of POLYPHARMA and accessible(approachable) to every public.

  • In what country do you distribute your products?

We distribute our products in CAMEROON, in CHAD, in GUINEA, in CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, in CONGO and in the GABON.

  • Make you invoice in HT?

Yes we charge in HT and in TTC according to the fiscal requirements of your locality.

Regulation(Payment) which are means of payment accepted in points of sale please of POLYPHARMA
You can settle(adjust) by:
Bank check by depositing your checks in the counters(ticket offices) of our points of sale or by sending them by post to our mailing address.
Bank transfer in one of our accounts banking
Check Gold
Flash cash

  • When the amount of the command(order) will be sold(produced)?

As regards checks banking and gold check, we commit(hire) the procedure in near the bank concerned from the reception of the check at the end to sell(produce) your account.
Any time the goods could not be sent if the payment was not made.
Cancellation of the command(order)

  • May I cancel my command(order)?

That depends because there are several scenarios: if the command(order) was not sent yet, you will just have to call up to 237 33 40 08 65 and the treatment(processing) of your command(order) will be interrupted.

If your goods were already sent, you will just have not to receive her(it) and you will entirely be to pay off but the charges of port(bearing) or transport will be at your expense(under your responsibility).

  • By what means are parcel - sent?

As regards the less heavy and less cumbersome material(equipment), we use the services(departments) of DHL and CHRONOPOST any time it depends on the nature of the product and on the customer who places the order.
The heavy equipment is generally sent by making him(it) and the delivery is made by a carrier.

  • What are the delivery deadlines?

The deliveries in the zone CENTRAL AFRICA are generally made within one week maximal.