Chaque jour nous faisons un peu plus pour la santé de l’humanité


The POLYPHARMA company is the Leader of the BIOMEDICAL sector in CAMEROON. She(it) targets as clientele the public and private Hospitals needing an expertise in the BIOMEDICAL domain.
Our services consist of:

  • The sale of the consumable and the medical equipments,
  • The sale of the laboratory reagents,
  • The Advices,
  • The management of the BIOMEDICAL projects of our customers,
  • The installation of equipments and medical devices,
  • The training of the users of the installed equipments and
  • The after-sales service.


Our highly qualified engineers intervene as external service providers to manage files or projects which are confided to them with a great care.

Privileged partners of the Managers of Hospitals, our Engineers and our Doctors have all the necessary skills to bring you the adequate advice. So, before any investment or any project concerning the acquisition of the medical equipment in CAMEROON we must be useful for you.
Our advice is essentially focused on needs and requirements of our customers. However, the stowage to the new technologies, the respect for the standards as regards the BIOMEDICAL domain and the respect for the current laws in CAMEROON that worth to us this leader's place.

Do not hesitate to contact POLYPHARMA to benefit from fast and precise solutions which it can bring to all your needs; that they are of technical order or advice. To move closer to you to POLYPHARMA allows you to reduce your expenses and so to master your costs.